Aura Photography




Bringing together scientific data and extensive human-energy information, biofeedback machines are a truly innovative solution for holistic health.

The aura or energy field reflects the powerful connection our brain and nervous system create between the body, mind and spirit. A person’s thoughts, emotions and beliefs are mirrored in the aura, which is why the aura and chakras can be used to determine underlying issues related to physical symptoms.

The aura camera isn’t just a camera. This consists of receptive devices on which you can rest your palms. These receptors or sensors are connected to the camera. The Polaroid film is placed inside the camera. The device is then positioned properly according to the subject.

When you place your hands on the sensors, it starts collecting biofeedback data from your palms. Certain points on your palm correspond to certain organs and with the sensors, we can gauge their health. The sensor will also detect your electromagnetic field and transfer all the data collected.

The result of this would be a clear image of your aura in the photograph. The aura is shown in full color and you can easily deduce what it indicates by sturs projected in it.

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